Online Lead generation

TPL operates and manages its own online in-house branded product which is used to facilitate the lead and data requirements for all of its online clients. We do not syndicate or broker any of our offers out to any third party publishers, or affiliates, neither do we gain exposure on any online networks. We pride ourselves in the validation of the data we collect and this takes place at the point of acquisition.

We thoroughly verify email, house number/postcode, landline, and mobile data by employing the services of market leaders to ensure that we are only allowing genuine users through to our lead generation path. This combined with our QMS, database and survey response module ensures that your campaign is only presented to people who will answer positively and are interested in hearing from you at a later date. The current levels of registrations we are generating vary, month on month but on average and across the last quarter we generated 120,000 full completed surveys.

We pride ourselves in working closely with both our clients and publishers respectively, whereby we operate and manage a transparent data collect model giving true control of a campaigns success to the client. We can do this by enabling real time reporting on a publisher by publisher basis and reporting back to the client campaign manager on which source of leads is working for them. This granular style of reporting then allows all parties i.e. client, merchant and publisher to work together in optimising the performance and overall success of the campaign.

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