Offline Lead Generation

Our dedicated Lead Generation service allows you to interact with your customers with the appropriate product, maximising your sales opportunities. At TPL we take time to fully understand both your product offering and your company. Using this information we work with you to identify and develop a question that represents your product to secure relevant leads.

Our dedicated team of calling agents are fully briefed with the same information, so that should questions be asked above and beyond the derived question agreed, they can positively inform the consumer on your products enhancing the positivity and success of the lead.

Daily TPL surveys interact with thousands of consumers (on average 3,000 a day!) and with volunteered information on large volumes of individuals we can guarantee that your offer reaches the right demographic. Through intelligent scripting, we can flag further information to identify attributes required to allow the end user the ability to tailor make their pitch, household composition, annual income, favourite holiday destination.

Ensuring that you get the right individuals at the right time with the right response!

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