Lead Generation

If you are looking for quick results and return on investment, then look no further than TPL's lead generation service. Our dedicated team bring experience and innovation to make sure that you interact with your customers at the right moment with the appropriate product, maximising your sales opportunities.

Our team take time to understand both your product offering and your company. Using this information we work with you to identify your target market and develop a survey that represents your product to secure relevant leads. We can pre-sell your products and services providing you with accurate opt-in leads, ideal for any direct marketing campaign or follow up sales call.

Daily TPL's organic surveys interact with thousands of consumers and with volunteered information on 21 million individuals we guarantee that your offer reaches the right demographic. Through our multi channel survey network we can also run bespoke questionnaires. Through appropriate questioning, we will deliver you a continual supply of quality leads suitable for follow up by telephone, mail, email or SMS. Consumers receive a tailored response that is timely and targeted to their needs which is convenient and relevant.

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TPL Media has launched a UK consumer survey with a 150 seat capacity call centre based in the Midlands, UK. The emphasis is to provide a high quality lead generation service that meets the compliance requirements of leading UK companies. The new centre will provide 40,000 surveys per month for the remainder of 2014 and this will rise to 100,000 surveys per month during 2015. For more information, please call our sales advisers on 01923 884 333.

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