Data Cleanse

With over 6% of the population moving house annually it's important that your message reaches the right person. Incorrectly addressed direct mail can make a company look unprofessional and wastes valuable budget and time.

Whichever industry you work in, your consumer database is a key business tool; regular data cleansing:

  • retains its value
  • protects your brand
  • helps with compliance.

There is no more important aspect to your marketing list than data cleansing, and TPL fully understand the importance of this process. Data protection legislation requires that personal data held is current and accurate and data cleansing is the most cost-effective way of comply. Nowadays many marketing departments are under resourced and more and more companies outsource this task to TPL.

Using such cleansing operations as the Telephone Preference List (TPS), Mail Preference Service (MPS) and the Gone Away Suppression file (GAS) our consumer marketing lists are up-to-date. Our system identifies any details that are incorrect and rectifies them quickly, allowing you significant savings in time efficiencies.

Below is a list of our core services to ensure you get the most from your data.

  • Gone-Away Suppression/Flagging
  • Deceased Suppression/Flagging
  • NCOA - House Movers
  • PAF Address Correction
  • De-duping
  • DOB append

Even if your customer data is current, you might be missing out on some vital insight that the addition of simple lifestyle, behavioural or transactional data could enhance performance. We can append simple address, telephone and email data to present new channels of communication, or provide lifestyle and demographic data to help you segment or profile customers.

TPL do not simply match against industry files but rank your contacts to provide a more efficient and effective list based on live interactions with these consumers.