Data Append

Today people are often changing their contact details; swapping mobile networks, closing email accounts, moving jobs or relocating. By assuming old data is current, marketers can miss out on contacting loyal, interested customers simply because they do not have their latest contact details.

Many organisations leave consumers with a negative perception simply by contacting consumers who do not want to be contacted.

Appending data:

  • reduces your campaign costs
  • improves profitability
  • avoids consumer annoyance.

TPL works hard to improve your data by:

Validating that an individual is present at an address and that telephone contact details are correct to ensure that your direct marketing reaches the intended recipient.

Removing individuals that have moved house, deceased, or have registered with one of the preference services.

Removing duplicate records to avoid mailing an individual with the same offer multiple times, contacting an existing customer, or those who have opted out of marketing communications from your organisation.

TPL also enhances your data when doing this by using extra demographic and lifestyle information to gain a better insight into consumer behaviour and assure your communication is relevant.

TPL can append up to 9 million telephone numbers and our email appends have the capability to append up to 3 million records.