Absolute Post

TPL Media is pleased to launch Absolute Post. Direct mail brings brand communications into the household and to the people that reside within it. The interaction between consumers and direct mail they receive provides advertisers with a powerful and engaging opportunity to stimulate brand consideration. Improving data accuracy is therefore crucial to enhance campaign efficiency.

TPL Media brings you AbsolutePost. A highly accurate and compliant database of over 7 million individuals who are responsive to offers via direct mail. TPL Media screens the data prior to delivery to validate its accuracy, and offers on a replacement basis, a guarantee of 98% accuracy. An inclusive pricing scheme enables you to target your ideal audience, and provides you with upto four free selections.

AbsolutePost assures you that you can do away with expensive suppression regimes as TPL Media does the job AbsolutePost assures of 100% compliant data. Each record supplied comes with opt in date, source code and validation date. Selections include: Home shopping Gender Age Martial status Newspaper title Employment status Geographic Income Presence of children Hobbies Charity donors Utility provider.

Call our sales advisors now for more information on 01923 884 333 or click here to download the factsheet.